How To: Start the Semester Organized

After having three weeks off, it’s not easy to think about getting back into the swing of school, work and other obligations.

Surviving the first couple of weeks can be difficult, but with some exceptional organizational skills, the semester can turn out a lot easier to conquer.

Here are some easy tips to help you stay as organized as possible this semester.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is always the key – and we mean always.

By planning out your weekly or monthly schedule, you’re sure to stay organized and account for future obligations. Scheduling will help to keep you from falling behind and getting your work done early. If you didn’t have a planner before, it might be time to get one.

If you already have one, this is the time to start using it.

Develop a Schedule

By developing a schedule, you’ll know what you have to do for each and every day of the week. Getting into a new routine will help you adjust to the new semester and your new classes.

Making a schedule for homework, work outs or even relaxation, will ensure a simple way to stay organized throughout the day and make time for everything you need to accomplish.

Even a sleep schedule will help with your organization. According to SleepFoundation, one of the most important sleep hygiene measures is to maintain a consistent sleeping schedule. This will ensure energy throughout the day, which will lead to being able to accomplish more and staying committed to your weekly schedules.

Create a Note Structure 

It’s highly important to find a way to take notes that are well thought out and organized when attending a class.

While color coding and highlighting may not work the same for everyone, finding a way to look back at your notes and know what it means is important to surviving the semester. If you aren’t sure what note taking style works for you, try out a few different ways. Having separate notebooks and binders for individual classes will make sure that confusion is avoided when studying.

The start of a semester can be daunting, but keeping organizational tips in mind can help you get through it on top.