How To: Survive an Away Game from Home

Saturdays in Mount Pleasant is a time to get all decked out in our finest maroon and gold, head over to Kelly/Shorts, and cheer our hearts out for our Chippewas.

Maybe we get up early and tailgate beforehand, maybe we run into the stadium minutes before kickoff, but either way, we’re crazy for our school and put football games before anything else.

But when our team is away for the weekend, south campus is dead. There’s nobody to root for and nobody to watch score touchdowns. Just because the team isn’t physically here doesn’t mean you have to resolve to write that paper you’ve been putting off all weekend – because where’s the fun in that?

Instead, follow these tips for a great away game day.

Still put your Chip pride on display

Nobody judges during home games if you’re completely unrecognizable in maroon wigs, gold face paint, or even CMU onesies (yes, they are a thing). So why not carry on that enthusiasm while you’re sitting in your living room watching the game on TV? Your roommates may think you’re insane – or they may just join you.

Invite your friends

Football, or any sport, is always more fun to watch with a group. You’d all be sitting together in the bleachers anyway, so you might as well sit together on the couch. Besides, that mess that you’re inevitably going to make will be a lot easier to clean up with extra hands.

Get food

Order in from Menna’s Joint, get Hungry Howie’s or have Insomnia Cookies delivered – or better yet, get all three. You won’t be paying ridiculous stadium prices for food, and you’ll be able to eat without worrying about whether or not your napkins are going to blow away in the wind or if your drink is going to spill all over your shoes. It’s a win-win.

Don’t worry about your schoolwork

Yes, maybe you have an exam coming up on Monday. But unless it needs to be submitted Saturday night, allow yourself to take a breather. You’ll have all day Sunday to work on your homework, and it’s healthy to take breaks. If necessary, you can spend time before or after the game to study. Taking two hours to watch your team is not going to kill you.

Watch the game just as you would in person

Think the ref made a bad call? Boisterously let him know. The other team just scored a touchdown? Boo as loud as you can. The Chips just scored? Celebrate just as you would in the stands.

Being at home for an away game doesn’t mean you don’t have to be involved. Step up and show that Chippewa pride!