Hummus is the Go-To Homework Snack

Story by Megan O’Neil
Feature image via Flickr

With awkward breaks between classes, snacks are a must. Whether you’re stuck at the library doing homework or trying to scramble between office hours, being hungry can lead to a decrease in motivation. Why go the extra mile when heading home for dinner could be just around the corner?

If you haven’t already tried hummus, it could be your new go between snack, or even just a refreshing deviation from the snacking norm.

What Hummus Contains
For those new to hummus, it is a mash of chickpeas and tahini. What is tahini you ask? Tahini is a similar mash (the consistency is much like peanut butter) but is composed of sesame seeds.

We all know that hummus goes great with pita chips, but don’t limit yourself to a basic combo.

Fellow lover of hummus, Hannah Davis, Junior, Psychology, St. Louis, Michigan enjoys hummus with carrots, crackers, on toast and in sandwiches. Anywhere you can spread it, hummus belongs.

Make It Yourself
If you too are a hummus lover, making your own hummus can be easy if you own your own blender. A basic hummus involves blending chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic.

Beyond that, anything can be added to your hummus – roasted red peppers, black beans or spices of your choice. If anything, hummus can nurture the creative soul of any recipe editing foodie.

While hummus may function as the duct tape of the food world, capable of fixing nearly any snacking struggle one may find themselves in, it is not the duct tape of the material world. Unfortunately, our writers found hummus does not make a good lubricant, glue, mortar, or detergent.

Buying Hummus
If you’re wondering where hummus could fit in your life, look no further than, well, anywhere. Various brands of hummus, and ingredients needed to make hummus can be found at just about every supermarket and grocer in town.

The best thing about hummus – it’s versatile. It pairs well with a ubiquitous amount of snacks. It is also sold in snack size containers to help keep you satisfied between classes.

Planning snacks ahead not only helps to prevent junk food cravings, but it can also save you money in the long run. Instead of jumping at every opportunity to go out to eat because you have to fight hunger all day long, snacking can make it easier to hold off and take the time to make dinner at home.

If you ever look for a non-hummus spreadable snack, baba ganoush lives right down the road. Whats that? Instead of chickpeas with tahini, its eggplant!