Students Share About Their Relationships: “I Love You Because…”

Stories and Photos by: Kayde Hambaum, Aubry Healy, and Madeleine Garlisch

What do couples really love about each other? A few Central Michigan University couples share about love, their relationship and how they met.

Gilbert Melvin-Zenon and Rachel Fritti (Junior)

The two met at a Christmas party, went out on a date and from there it was history. Melvin-Zenon and Fritti share a love for dance, watching movies and traveling everywhere together.

“There’s nothing I don’t like about him. His personally is amazing,” Fritti said. “He always makes me laugh. I love everything.”

After two years of being together, the couple said that they have stayed strong by emphasizing good communication.

Fritti admitted, “We are really good at communication. We can’t stay mad at each other. We walk in the room five minutes later, we laugh and get over it.”

The couple plans to do a lot more traveling together in the near future and eventually move to a state with a lot less snow and a lot more sunshine.

Drew Schwandt (Junior) and Anelene Mellin (Junior)

“We met in middle school but didn’t actually start talking until high school through our church group,” Schwandt said. “My favorite thing about her is strong faith, goofiness and fun spirit. I really like her care and service for others and support for everything I do.” 

“My favorite things about Drew is how much he values his family and faith. He is so motivated to reach his fullest potential in everything he does. He radiates positivity and that’s something I really love about him,” Mellin said. “One of my favorite memories with him was going to South Africa with my family after a year of dating. My mom was born and raised there and my grandparents and cousins still live there. Being able to bring Drew along and meet the family was incredible. They loved him, of course, and we had a wonderful time there.” 

Nicole Czarnecki (Sophomore) and Cole Burgess (Junior)

“We met at Wayside because he works there and after that we started talking,” Czarnecki said. “Now we have been together for 7 months.” 

“I love that she is a sweetheart and that she is caring and her positive attitude,” Burgess said. “She is also very trustworthy and very pretty! My favorite memory is either going to Punta Cana or Disney together.”