Valentine’s Day Playlists for Setting the Mood or Nursing a Broken Heart

One thing that can make a big difference in your Valentine’s Day activities is music. Whether you’re trying to set the mood, indulging in a broken hear, or just doing you, music can be the key to unlocking exactly what you’re feeling.

Whatever you’re feeling this Valentine’s Day, let our handpicked Spotify playlists take the reigns and DJ its way through this season of… love?

Setting the Mood

Our first Valentine’s Day playlist consists of smooth talking, exciting lyrics, sweet nothings, and sensual melodies to help set the mood for you and your partner. Take a listen  below and let the music do the rest.

The Break Up

The next Valentine’s Playlist consists of classic break up songs from both ends of the spectrum, songs to get you over your heartbreak, as well as songs to remind you of how awesome the single life can be.