Is Your 10 Minutes in the Sauna Benefitting You, or Hurting You?

We go to the gym to sweat. And, adding in those couple minutes of sauna time really makes you sweat.

It makes sense to follow-up a workout with a 10 minute sauna sit in. But, just because it makes sense, doesn’t mean it’s essentially best.
There is both good benefits and bad risks of using a sauna. It is important to know both sides of this post-workout feature that way you receive all the benefits without any risk.
The Pros
Mind and Body Relaxer
Admit it, sitting in a sauna post-workout feels great. It’s almost therapeutic. You are continuing to sweat without any effort and it releases endorphins. Whether it be before or after a workout, using the sauna relaxes your muscles and essentially your entire body and mind.
Skin Cleansing
Everyone wants clean skin. And that’s a fact. Using the sauna can be the detox your skin needs. The heat from saunas open your pores and let them breathe. In order for our skin to be truly cleansed, our pores need to be opened and let toxins flow out.
The cons
Overheating/ Dehydration
Obviously sitting in the heat for too long is never advised. You will overheat and dehydrate yourself, which is why it is essential to be aware of time when in the sauna and to stay hydrated. If you begin to feel weak and tired, then odds are you are overheating and dehydrated.
Cautions with Health Conditions
If you have heart problems or respiratory problems such as asthma then you should not be in extreme heat. The heat can cause even more severe heart problems and it will be more difficult to breathe.