Italian Trends Americans Should Pick Up On

Story and photos by Krystal Black

Italy is one of the leading countries for fashion, so it is no wonder that they have their own unique trends. In Florence alone, you can see many trends marketed to Florentines and tourists alike. Here are some Italian trends Americans should be adding to their day-to-day style.

Stylish, yet comfortable is something all Italians, especially Florentines, live by. From head to toe, you can find cute accessories and pieces all without sacrificing any comfort. This would be perfect for the busy American lifestyle.


Two words: leather bags. A stylish way to keep all your necessities in one place so that you can easily take it anywhere with you. They make all shapes, sizes and colors perfect for everyone’s, including men’s, individual style. Americans would benefit greatly from this functional trend. For those who don’t use real leather, faux leather bags are equally functional.

Cashmere scarves are one of the most popular pieces you will see Florentines wearing. They double as a scarf and a wrap. Much like Florence, cities throughout America experience especially cold mornings with warmer afternoons. This would be a great addition to any American closet.

Smaller scarves or bandanas are also a perfect accessory to every closet. Whether you want to wear it in your hair, around your neck, or on your wrist, there are so many ways to style them. They come in practically every color and pattern making them a perfect addition to every outfit. A little accessorizing never hurt anybody.

Another cute and comfortable must-have that Italians wear is shoes. With all the walking on uneven surfaces throughout the country, it is important to keep your feet comfortable. A little pair of sneakers can match virtually any outfit. Italians aren’t the only ones who want to stay comfortable after a long day on their feet.

Seeing as leather is a major industry in Italy, leather jackets are a huge trend here. You really can’t go wrong with a plain black jacket— it matches everything and can keep you warm. Not to mention they have other colors if you don’t care about matching all the time. For those who don’t believe leather should be integrated back into Americans’ closets, faux leather is just as fashionable and more affordable.

Italians have a great way of dressing comfortably while staying cute. Americans can greatly benefit from this way of thinking when it comes to fashion trends.