Letter from the editor: Oh, how time flies

Here we are. November.

Seems like just yesterday I was writing my letter for September.

Time has a way of flying by when you’re in college, and November is the quickest of all. By the time we’re two weeks into the month, it’s already time for Thanksgiving. And after that it’s exams, and then we’re done! Thank goodness.

Here’s what I think we’ll see during this speedy month:

Lots and lots of yoga pants. It’s cold, we’re stressed about the end of the semester and frankly, we don’t care how we look right now. Guys, let’s be honest: if they made yoga pants for men, you’d be rocking them every day too.

Big, baggy, ugly-yet-so-comfy sweaters. They’re irresistible when it gets cold. Plus, it’s not like you take your coat off in class, so does it even matter what you wear?

Really cute winter coats. Coats are our main staples as it gets colder, and the coat you wear says a lot about your personality. I think we’ll definitely be seeing a huge variety of coats, with lots of different styles and patterns.

Guys who insist on wearing shorts in the snow. Can we take a second and talk about this? Guys, why exactly do you do that? Don’t you get cold? Frankly, it’s weird, and as a girl, I can tell you we’re not impressed. Wear weather-appropriate clothing, gentlemen.

Thanksgiving. It’s  the only day in November we bother to dress up. Gotta look nice for grandma, you know. On Thanksgiving we’ll pull out the dress clothes, put on an appearance, and then put our yoga pants back on to watch the game.

Black Friday. If you ask me, Black Friday is the one bright spot in November. My advice? Check out the sales early so you can plan a route and get everything on your list. Prioritize. And if I were you, I would budget for it. Get half your usual amount of red cups from Starbucks, so you have money to spend on Black Friday. It’s a good way to reward yourself for finishing the semester strong.

So, it’s November. But really, we should be saying luckily, it’s November. We have six more weeks of school. WE CAN MAKE IT. We’ll bust out the end of the semester in our yoga pants and snow boots and come back next semester with fresh classes, a new wardrobe (thank you, Christmas) and a New Year’s resolution to dress nicely every day.

Until then,