Look for Less: TopShop

At the Topshop Unique Spring/Summer 2015 ready-to-wear fashion show on September 14, Sai Bennett was photographed in Topshop apparel from head to toe.

The “Face of an Angel” actress donned a feminine ensemble with shades and tones of pink complemented by white and other soft colors.

Bennett wore pink Topshop cropped peg leg trousers priced at $65. These structured trousers with creased pant legs emulate menswear and create a paradox between this masculine style and the feminine color.

Faux fur accented 4.5 inch sandals for $95 and a $50 faux fur roll-top clutch to match bring a heightened feminine element to the look. Styled with a white textured scuba bomber jacket, priced at $136, the $68 Topshop camisole fared well in the ensemble with its pink, purple, blue orange and red sequins.

In true Topshop style, Bennett’s ensemble was both flattering and fashionable. However, the price points of the pieces in her look may be too expensive for college students who seek to emulate the look.

Though fashionable for actresses and college students alike, at $414,  this look may be a little out of reach. However, this Topshop ensemble can inspire other looks suitable for fashionable students.


Replacing the pink Topshop trousers, a pair of peach Majca trousers with zipper accented pockets found at Missguided are of a similar style but $23 cheaper, coming in at $42.

The stand-out faux fur pieces of Bennett’s Topshop look can be replaced with this elegant $35 Rosette flower clutch from Daily Look and $49 pink open toe ankle strap heels at gilt.com. A $20 sequin crop top from Charlotte Russe, and a Blanchela white quilted bomber jacket from Missguided for $32 help total this look for about $180.

This new look transfers many key elements of the Topshop original to a look that is much more affordable, allowing college students to achieve the look for more than half the price of the original.

The Daily Look flower clutch takes away the feminine aspects of the Topshop faux fur clutch but adds an equally feminine element. Likewise, the textured look of the Topshop jacket is replaced with the quilted finish of the Missguided jacket for $104 less.

Transformed from the front row of a fashion show, this peach, white and sequin style is suitable for dressy casual events, wedding receptions and even award ceremonies.

Now that the question isn’t about price, the only thing left to wonder is, where will you wear this look?