The most flattering winter coats for your body shape

As the temperatures continue to drop this season, your strategy for finding a winter coat should be simple: stay warm while looking chic.

With these crucial climate conditions, you want to find a coat that you are able to be comfortable and warm in, as well as confident.  It can be difficult to find a winter coat that shows off your best features while keeping you warm, so here are a few tips on which kinds of winter coats are most flattering to your figure.

Hourglass figure

You want a belted coat that will accentuate your curves in all of the right places and draw in your smaller middle. Browse for coats that are hooded, with or without fur, to give you more of a feminine yet cozy look.  Appropriate lengths for these types of coats come halfway down your thigh; not too long, not too short!

(1) Hourglass FigurePetite

Because petites’ frames are so small, try to find a coat that will not completely drown you or make you look like you’re swimming in it. The length should extend no further than your waist and avoid dramatic designs.  Instead, search for bold, rich colors and stick with simple buttons.

(3) Petite (4) Petite


Focus on shorter coats that end at your waist so that it does not draw attention to your lower half.  Look for designs, unique buttons or subtle ruffles on coats that grab attention and give some style, personality and flavor to your look. Also look for coats with big, face-framing collars.

(2) Plus Size


Winter coats that are thick and fitted are best for busty figures. Stay away from belted coats and try looking for a coat with big buttons in the front. You want a coat that will fit perfectly when buttoned up and a high collar that will take attention away from your bust.

(6) BustyLong and lean

Long and lean figures can pull off long-lined coats best. They accentuate your length and give most of your body warmth. Choose a funnel neckline to further accentuate your streamlined shape. Long Northface coats are in, however, look for similar coats that have a little more shape to them, not so straight.

(7) Long & Lean