Makeup Monday: Making Your Look Last All Day and Night

Story by Hannah Kaske
Photo by Anne Langan

As women, when we look good, we feel good. So we understand the frustration when your hour-long makeup session is starting to rub off halfway through the day or night. Have no fear, the solution is here!

Use these tips for your next eight-hour class day or night out at Wayside.

Prime Time
Painting a wall looks best when a primer is used, so why not apply this concept with makeup? Priming the skin fills in pores, blurs imperfections and acts like a super glue for your makeup to stick onto.

Try NYX’s Angel Veil skin perfecting primer.

The Power of Powder
The skin’s natural oils mixed with liquid foundation can cause your makeup to smudge. This may be the biggest cause of faded makeup . The best way to solve this is by applying powder over your foundation. Pressing powder into the skin creates a matte finish and removes oil, which means your makeup will have extra staying power.

NYC Color Smooth Skin loose face powder is an excellent and inexpensive option.

Everlasting Lipstick
Nothing is worse than looking in the mirror and seeing your favorite shade of lipstick lost its luster after just one hour of wear.

Using liquid lipstick is a foolproof way to ensure that your lip color remains in tact for hours on end. It is a liquefied lipstick that dries matte on the lips, so they are ready to take on eating, drinking, or even kissing!

Colourpop has an array of gorgeous colors for affordable liquid lipstick – go ahead and splurge.

Long Lasting Gel Liner
Need an eyeliner that lasts for 10 hours? Skip the liquid or pencil eyeliner and go for something a little less traditional. Gel eyeliner may seem intimidating at first, but the results are worth it. Gel eyeliner clings to the skin and doesn’t let go, ensuring that your eyes will be looking fabulous all day or night.

Try Maybelline’s Lasting Drama gel eyeliner to achieve this.

Lock-In Perfection
Hairspray works wonders when it comes to keeping the curls in place, but what about makeup? Setting spray is a product that is quite literally just hairspray for your face. When setting spray is used, powders and liquids on the face are fused together to make your makeup appear more natural.

The Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray is known to lock in makeup the best.