Maybelline’s New Mascara Pumps Up Your Lashes

The new Volum' Express, Falsie's Mascara, from Maybelline is said to guarantee to make eye lashes look as if they were false.

Believed to be a symbol of beauty, big and thick eye lashes have been the pursuit of women for centuries.

With every new variety of mascara comes a promise that it will make your lashes bigger and better than they have ever been.  Maybelline’s new Volum’ Express, the Falsies Mascara, guarantees to make your lashes longer and thicker, as if you are wearing false eye lashes.

According to, the “unique flexible wand helps to lift and separate lashes to provide the look of 300% more lashes.”  All of these new advances in mascara production leave women asking if these promises will prove true or if it is all just “falsie”.

Maybelline New York is a company that is well known for its good quality and affordable makeup products.  Mascara has been one Maybelline product that most people associate with the name brand.

Maybelline’s website features over 30 different varieties of Maybelline mascara available in waterproof and washable.  Maybelline’s newest product, Falsies Mascara, is advertised as “false lash glam in a tube…instantly.”

Psychology sophomore Rachel Olsen said her favorite thing about using Maybelline’s Falsies Mascara is that her lashes were noticeably longer and darker.

“It doesn’t get clumpy or flake off,” Olsen said.

Falsies mascara is not only available in waterproof and washable varieties, but it is also sold in both colors of black and brown. Along with a large range of mascaras, Maybelline produces gel eyeliners and crème eye shadows for consumers looking to draw attention to their eyes.

Maybelline advertises their eye makeup further on their website with the promising statement, “our eye shadows, liners, brow products and mascara will get you gorgeous at a glance.”

Public relations sophomore Amber Penman said she liked that the mascara did not clump, but found that it did not make her lashes volumized as advertised.

Integrative public relations sophomore Christina Tebbe saw similar results and said that after using the Falsies Mascara, she saw very little size change in her eye lashes.

“It didn’t make them volumized,” Tebbe said.

Maybelline Falsies Mascara is available in a wide range of drug stores and supermarkets and pricing for the product starts at about four to five dollars.

Even though Falsies Mascara did not work as promised for Penman, she said she agrees on the pricing of the product.

“It’s a decent price,” Penman said.

In a world where beauty is glorified, it is no surprise that cosmetic lines like Maybelline are creating popular products.  Maybelline’s New Volum’ Express, the Falsies Mascara, is just one product that suggests you will be more beautiful with larger and thicker lashes.

With a large industry building on the promise of mascara improving your lashes it is important to ask, will big ever be big enough?