Must-Have Items for Your Backpack

Text books, new clothes, room accessories – oh my! We hear about all the back-to-school essentials, but what about the small necessities needed day-to-day?

Here’s your personal guide to having all the right items stored away in your backpack.

Hard-Shell Laptop Case

 While walking around campus, a hard case not only keeps your laptop protected from potential damage, but it also adds a splash of color to your device.


 The weather is changing and your lips can easily lose moisture due to the drop in the temperature. Keep your lips moisturized with a tube of Chapstick to avoid dry lips.


The folder is a basic back to school necessity to help with organization in class. Get creative and label each folder and include a copy of each of your classes’ syllabuses inside to remind you when next week’s quiz will be.

Notebooks with Dividers

These notebooks are great for taking notes in every class without having to carry five separate books. Especially if you are in a class where the professor doesn’t allow you to take notes on your laptop.


Michigan weather can be unpredictable at times. Having an umbrella on you will assure that you’ll stay dry if rain starts pouring down while you’re in the middle of campus.


In case your classes are inside a cold lecture room or it’s a bit breezy outside, make sure to always have a hoodie in your backpack.


Don’t be that person without a writing utensil or who has to borrow from others. Come prepared to class.


For passing time between class, pack your head phones and jam out.


As students running on little energy, it’s hard to tell when you’ll need to stop for coffee. An added bonus: bringing your own thermos can save you time and money.


For writing down critical due dates and assignments, be sure to have a planner for organization.


Studies show that students study and pay attention more when chewing gum, plus you never know when you’re going to crave or need a piece.


Being on campus can easily be an all day event. Stocking up on small snacks in your backpack will help to prevent an empty stomach.

Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated is an absolute must! And you can fill your bottle up at any bottle fountain around campus.