The Coffee Room: Where Coffee is Shared and Stories are Told

Story by Kelsey Wooten
Photos by Anne Langan

The warm smell of maple and coffee roast that will hit your nose while taking a stroll down Broadway Street in downtown Mount Pleasant is just enough to invite you into The Coffee Room. The friendly “hello” in the cozy space is enough to make you stay, and the coffee itself gives you a reason to share a story.

The Coffee Room has a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, made complete with a table made from re-purposed wooden planks, a bench that stretches right under the whole length of the counter, window seats and small tables. Here, there is a spot for everyone.

In the background, calm, hip music is always playing. No need for headphones, their taste in music is spot on. Right behind the corner, available to public eye, lies their San Franciscan coffee roaster, churning up fresh brews and flavorful tastes.055a0621-2Their Story
Owners of The Coffee Room, Aaron and Christie Cromar have become Mount Pleasant’s very own coffee mavens. The Cromar’s story began in college with a mutual love for a cup of joe and ignited by a shared dream of owning a coffee shop.

Sparked by an interest in experimental roasting, the wheels of Narrativality Coffee Roasters started to turn in 2013.

The roastery began in a small room in the Cromar’s very own house – their children called it “the coffee room”, hence the name today.

Narrativality Coffee Roasters gained an audience quite some time before their downtown spot opened, though. They roasted for small businesses in Mount Pleasant, sold their specialty drinks and freshly packaged roasts at farmer’s markets and along the way, shared a unique taste that left customers wanting more.

In late 2015, the Cromars took a leap of faith and opened the business they had dreamt of, The Coffee Room. Located in the heart of downtown Mount Pleasant, their business that was built on love adds its own special drop of charm to the list of local businesses.055a0565-2

The Foundation
Narrativality coffee beans are truthfully sourced “from seed to seal”, meaning the foundation of the coffee you drink is authentic and ethical every step of the way.

They do not grow their own coffee beans, but they do their research to bring you peace of the mind while indulging in their brews.

Their values are strong and they hold them to high standards – traceability, quality, tastefulness, equality, sustainability, partnership and transparency are all aspects that are considered when purchasing from their source.

In a way, coffee is an art to the Cromars. The shared values with the farmers who import their coffee and with the customers who buy it are important to them, and they believe that it creates an open and honest community.

“We created Narrativality Coffee Roasters and The Coffee Room to be a place where stories can be told – where you can tell and find your story,” Christie Cromar said on their website. “We think a great cup of coffee, with a story of its own, is the perfect medium for storytelling!”


Their Menu
Along with home brews, The Coffee Room also offers espresso, cappuccinos, lattes (served with complementary latte art), mochas, teas and hot chocolate.

Their menu offers alternating specialty drinks, as well. The most recent is a honey-maple latte naturally sweetened by Michigan products: honey from Vern’s Bees in Midland and maple syrup from Kasza Sugar Bush in Shelby.


In addition, the Cromars offer a bite to eat with your coffee of choice. Homemade simple waffles served with varying, creative topping combinations are available from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., and gourmet grilled panini sandwiches served with Michigan made chips are available from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

Gluten free options are available for both waffles and sandwiches.

Walk In and Stay A While
So, walk down Broadway and pay a visit to the shop. The Coffee Room is a pleasant addition to our city, with character and charm all can appreciate.