On the Perks of Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a day filled with time spent with loved ones, smiles, laughter and romance.

It can also be a very difficult time for those away from loved ones, those going through a recent breakup or even those who find it hard to see the silver lining in not spending this holiday with a “special someone.”

For those looking for a little pick-me-up and the perks of being “alone” during what is known as the Hallmark-iest holiday of the year, here are several reasons to enjoy your single status during Valentine’s Day.

Less Stress

Valentine’s Day can often involve months of planning and the last-minute scramble to find the perfect gift.

Being single on Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to worry about so much pressure. You are free to just spend time with good friends or yourself and have a good, relaxing time without the fear of picking out the wrong gift (or, if you’re like me, waiting until you have approximately two hours left to go gift shopping).


Who says you need a significant other to buy you chocolate?

Treat your sweet tooth to that box of chocolate by the register of the grocery store. If that isn’t a good enough reason to look forward to this holiday, it’s all on sale the next day, which, let’s face it, is a deal that’s pretty hard to pass up.

Spend the Day in Sweats

For those who would rather put the dressy attire away and spend the day casual, you can throw on your favorite pair of sweatpants and curl up in bed with Netflix or your favorite book.

You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Plus, you don’t have to convince your significant other to watch “Letters to Juliet” for the thirteenth time that month or face judgment on the decision to binge watch all 10 seasons of “Friends.”

Spend with Loved Ones and Friends

Spending time with loved ones is probably the best part of Valentine’s Day, and being single allows you to have more time to spend with them.

Grab your single friends and go out for dinner or stay in and have a movie night. You don’t need a date to have a great time on Valentine’s Day – get some of your best buds together for a night of fun, good company and loads of laughter.

 Treat Yourself

Whether it is a massage, getting your hair done or just having a night out and buying yourself dinner, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to treat yourself and spend time doing things for yourself that you’ve been wanting to do for awhile.

Curl up under your covers with your favorite TV show, magazine or book and spend some time relaxing and de-stressing or buy that ensemble you’ve been wanting for awhile (we won’t judge).

Give Back

You have time to give back to the community and reach out to others.

It is a great chance to send cards and letters to those defending our country, help out at a nursing home or soup kitchen or mentor kids. Volunteer work and giving back is a great way to show love to the community around you and it makes you feel really good, too! There’s nothing like watching a smile spread across a kid’s face from being cared for and loved and there’s no better time than now to get involved.

While spending Valentine’s Day with a special someone can be fun, there is also plenty to be said about spending the holiday single.

It doesn’t have to be about the mad dash to find the perfect person to spend the day with. Give back, go out and have fun with your closest friends or stay in and have a relaxing night to yourself. I promise you won’t regret it.