People of Central – Kaitlyn Coons

Story by Anna Konen

Photo courtesy of Chad Novak

Central Michigan University junior Kaitlyn Coons is from the small Grand Rapids town of Cedar Springs, Michigan. She is studying recreation and event management with a minor in communication and leadership. 

She came in with 17 credits due to dual enrollment and has taken 17 to 18 credits each semester she’s been here. This allows Coons to complete her undergrad at CMU after her third year. Her senior year will consist 0f a 30-week internship in the recreation industry. 

When describing her past three years at CMU, she had many different involvements that led her down the path of becoming an RA.

“I have been apart of the Excellence in Teaching Award Committee, The Leadership Council, The Leaders Advancement Board, as well as Program Board and Siblings Weekend.”

Coons talked about the different opportunities provided by CMU to grow outside of the classroom.

“The biggest impact CMU has had on me is having the ability to learn through hands on experiences,” Coons said. 

Coons is passionate about the fact that a large number of opportunities provided here are financially accessible to all students. 

When leaving CMU, Coons believes all students are well prepared to put what they’ve learned back into the real world; something not all colleges can say about themselves. 

“Having the ability to watch students grow from thinking that they are not ready to leave their parents or move away from home and watch them truly thrive in an environment that is created in the res hall and within the community,” she said.

Coons loves being able to watch students find why they are here, their true selves and find their niche here.

“My favorite thing that I have left here is being able to be alongside students through that journey.”

Coons reminds us of some things we often lose sight of.

“Don’t ever use the excuse that you are too tired to be involved or to take an opportunity to spend time with someone and don’t take the moments for granted, they really fly by,” Coons said. 

Coons wants to encourage everybody to take full advantage of their time in college, a reminder to show up to every moment as if we were meant to be there. 

“Stepping outside of your box is something you should look forward to in your college experience.”