People of Central – Nyah Beavers

Story by Danielle Patrick

Photo by Dannah Gunn

Getting the proper skincare routine is challenging because everyone’s skin is different. Central Michigan University freshman Nyah Beavers explains why skincare is so important to her.

Beavers’ love for skincare started in eighth grade when she received her first pimple. She knew as she got older, her skin would get worse due to aging. From there, she started to perfect her skin and eventually saw great results.

“I like skincare because of how it makes people feel. You feel more confident when you don’t have pimples on your face. The feeling of not wearing makeup is the best,” Beavers said.

Everyone may be wondering, what is Beavers’ secret to perfect, healthy skin?

In particular, Beavers has combination skin, so her skincare products are different as supposed to someone who has dry skin. She does a great job washing her skin day and night unlike most tired college students.

“In the morning, I use Cera Ve Oily Skin Cleanser and then tone my face with witch hazel. I put on an eye cream from IT Cosmetics and a serum for smoother skin. I finish it off with a moisturizer for oily skin,” Beavers said.

Because of her nighttime routine, Beavers wakes up with beautiful, glowing skin every morning.

“At night I use the same products, but then I add a chemical peeling solution that takes away my acne. I also use a sleeping mask, so I can wake up with smoother skin,” Beavers said.

Unfortunately, the best skincare products for one’s skin is expensive and not worth buying monthly. Beavers’ skin is flawless and the products that she uses are from Target or Boxy Charm. CMU students can get perfect skin without paying a lot of money.

If you’re struggling with finding the right skincare routine for your skin, take advice from the true skincare queen.