Photojournalism students attend 2013 Inauguration

Arina Sangfield, 7, sits atop her father’s head excitingly waving an American flag on the National Mall as President Barack Obama’s face appears on a large screen during his Inauguration Monday, Jan. 21. (Photo by Christopher Bacarella)

Sixteen students from Kent Miller’s Seminar in News Photography class headed to Washington D.C. to attend the 2013 inauguration on Monday, Jan. 21. The students, along with Miller, rented two 30-foot RVs and camped out at Cherry Hill Park in College Park, M.D. from Friday, Jan. 18 to Tuesday, Jan. 22. The group spent Saturday and Sunday sightseeing in the city and feature hunting for photos and interviews from people attending the event. On inauguration day, the group arrived in D.C. around 4:30 a.m. to wait in line for a spot in their section. Senior Neil Barris emailed Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow about the trip and received tickets for the Gold section at the inauguration, which is a ticketed area at the event closer to the Capitol than most of the other ticketed areas. The students spent the day photographing the event and interviewing attendees for their assignment on the inauguration.

 The website featuring the work of each individual student and professor may be seen by clicking here.