Q&A With Chippewas Basketball Star Chris Fowler

Chris Fowler is the starting point guard and captain of Central Michigan University men’s basketball team. Last season, he led the team in points, assists and steals – all impressive feats that have accompanied his leadership skills on and off the court.

Grand Central: When did you start playing basketball and how did you get involved?

Chris Fowler: I started playing competitively around six, but I was probably around three or four when I first touched the ball. My dad got me involved – we used to go out and play in the driveway or go to instructional camps on the weekends.

GC: At what point did you know you could play at a collegiate level?

CF: I wanted to play at the next level as soon as I figured out there was a next level. That was when I was around nine or ten. The college basketball video game made me want to play at that level – I think I knew when I was 14.

GC: What is your best quality as a player?

CF: My leadership. I’m very vocal and I try to learn as much about the game as possible so I can express my opinion on the court in the way it should be expressed.

GC: What has helped you grow as a leader?

CF: I’ve grown in my film study, which has allowed me to see more things than I could as a freshman, so I can articulate more things to the team.

GC: How has the team grown since your freshman year?

CF: We’re starting to play harder and understand what it means to win games. Seeing the teams we’ve played that beat us and how they play – we’re trying to put those things into our game.

GC: How have you grown as a player and a person since you started playing here?

CF: I’ve grown offensively in a lot of ways. (My) shooting, dribbling, passing and defensive positions have improved. I’ve grown in every way as a player. As a person, I’ve learned how to become more mature and control my emotions, which is probably the biggest jump for me.

(Photo | Christina Locricchio)
(Photo | Christina Locricchio)

GC: How do you spend your time when you aren’t in class or on the court?

CF: I watch a lot of film and do a lot of homework, or I’m in the gym working on my skills. A lot of my free time is spent working on my game.

GC: What NBA players do you model your game after?

CF: A lot of guys that are creative with the basketball or guys that use the pick and roll well. Guys like Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Stephen Curry or James Harden.

GC: What are your interests outside of basketball?

CF: I enjoy acting and theater. Outside of playing the sport, my interest is coaching the sport – that’s what I want to do. I love to teach the younger kids and I want to share the knowledge I’ve gained.

GC: What are your plans after your playing career is over?

CF: I want to coach at a mid-major program like (CMU). It’s not about the money, fame or the big time job. It’s about the community aspect and the type of kids you can bring in at the mid-major level. The kids at that level have the most to learn and want to learn. Bringing national fame to a mid-major program like what Coach Davis is trying to do here, what Coach Shaka Smart did at (Virginia Commonwealth University), what Coach Brad Stephens did at Butler – what those guys did at a mid-major program is what I want to do.

GC: Overall, how would you describe your career at CMU so far?

CF: Unfinished.