Q&A with Threads Fashion Show Producers

Story by Shawna Bootka
Feature Photo by Annie Langan
Photos Courtesy of Julia Allen & Lauren Agnew

Threads Fashion Show 2017 is fast approaching, and Central Michigan University students are eagerly waiting for its grand arrival.

The fashion show will be held on April 22 and will kick off at 6 p.m. to view work created by the students. Student models will strut down the runway at 7 p.m. wearing creations by fashion students.

Immediately following Threads, there will be a live Q&A by TV personality Tim Gunn from the Lifetime show Project Runway.

This week GC sat down with the two student producers, Lauren Agnew and Julia Allen to get the inside scoop about all things Threads, and the theme “Fashion Expedition”.

Lauren Agnew
Julia Allen 

Grand Central: What inspired you or made you want to be the producer for the threads fashion show, Lauren?

Lauren Agnew: Honestly, when I was a committee member for Public Relations last year, I felt as if I kept asking for more responsibilities. I was interested in what other groups were doing and wanted to involve myself more. Professor Mull, our Faculty Adviser, approached me and asked if I was applying to be a producer. I didn’t think that I was even a potential candidate and just the idea got me so excited. I had to step out of my comfort zone and apply and I am so glad I did.

GC: What inspired you for the theme this year for threads fashion shows Julia?

Julia Allen: I was sitting in my dorm room in NYC and the idea came to me so quick. I was temporarily surrounded by like, thousands of different people from everywhere in the world and I loved it. On top of all of that I love to travel and explore new things

GC: What type of garments are you expecting to see this year?

LA: Truly, I wanted designers to run wild with our very abstract concept. I hope to see collections that they’ve taken to heart and that represent themselves as a designer. From what I’ve seen there are a few collections that the designers have used super unique and elaborate techniques in construction. Things you don’t see every day. I’m excited to see how the work has turned out.

GC: Why should students come see the fashion show? What can they take away from it on a personal level, Lauren?

LA: Fashion itself is so personal. I think it’s amazing to get a glimpse into someone’s style. Whatever the designers create, they have poured hundreds of hours into their work and are trying to show the world a little piece of themselves. Seeing that from the audience perspective is exciting. It’s like going to an amazing concert and seeing the bands perform on stage. They put so much effort into their work and it’s always such an event to see live.

GC: What is your favorite thing or characteristic about Tim Gunn?

JA: My favorite thing about Tim Gunn? Fierce.

GC: What was the worst fashion, garment, or style ever created?

JA: Flip-Flops.


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