Review: Red Lobster’s endless shrimp

Imagine a world where you have a waiter or waitress serving you as many variations of shrimp as you desire. I am not the biggest fan of shrimp, but the endless shrimp promotion at Red Lobster has successfully converted me into a lover.

I thought it was too good to be true. The menu offered five different versions of shrimp, all of which I could choose from over and over again, as many times as I wanted– all for $15.

The variations of shrimp included teriyaki grilled shrimp, parmesan shrimp, garlic shrimp scampi, shrimp linguini alfredo and hand-breaded shrimp.

Shrimp being pan-cooked. (Photo courtesy of Morguefile)

During my visit at Red Lobster, I enjoyed three refill variations of teriyaki grilled shrimp, shrimp linguini alfredo, garlic shrimp scampi and parmesan alfredo.

The teriyaki grilled shrimp wins as far as choices go. The flavor had the sweetness of barbeque blended with the tang of teriyaki sauce. The rice pilaf served underneath did not disappoint. It reminded me of dirty rice. I also enjoyed the shrimp linguine alfredo.

The garlic shrimp scampi and parmesan were somewhat similar in taste with the purity of seasonings in the fresh hot melted butter. The main difference was the crispy bits of parmesan that coated the parmesan shrimp.

The main thing to remember is to not be tempted to fill up on those beautiful biscuits and the choice of salad served in the beginning of the meal.

Remember: bread is a filler. Don’t let it distract you from the main attraction at hand here. It’s better to just take some biscuits home.

The endless shrimp selection was so delicious that while I was eating, I kept making mental announcements to myself: “you are not full; you can and will eat more.”

It was a great deal. I was able to take home so much food.

The service in Mount Pleasant’s restaurant was wonderful. At no point in time did my table suffer from the emptiness of no food or drink refills. The staff was courteous, kind and attentive to my needs.

Best of all, the waiter informed me that the endless shrimp promotion does not end until November. Hopefully seafood lovers everywhere will take advantage of shrimp heaven.