Real Life Roommate Horror Stories

Story by Krystal Black
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One thing many seem to fear when going away to college is that they will get stuck with a terrible roommate. Grand Central asked current and past students about their own experiences with horrible roommates.

These are their stories.

Code: Brown

“This was one of my roommates from my first year at CMU, lets call her Roommate #3. We lived in Kulhavi and we shared one of the bathrooms while the other two roommates had the other. During the night she (Roommate #3) had managed to clog the toilet.  The next morning, Roommate #1 mentioned the dish soap was missing along with her brand new bottle under the sink. After we looked everywhere and couldn’t find it, Roommate #3 peeks out of her room and says she used it to unclog the toilet. Roommate #1 asked for it back to which Roommate #3 replied she had used it all. I go into the bathroom and see that she had used 3 full bottles of dish soap to try and unclog this toilet because she read that it could help online. As I’m in the bathroom I noticed she had attempted to put the mass of sopping toilet paper and whatever came out of her to clog that toilet in a small garbage bag and leave it in the bathroom garbage. I confronted her and told her to take care of it because it was disgusting and she refused. Not only that, but she said she scooped her mess out of the toilet with bare hands since there was nothing else to use.”  –  Jennifer Foltynewicz, Muskegon alumna.

Common Room Error

“Every time we had the smallest issue I felt like it blew up into something huge. For example, Roommate #1 was rearranging her room one night, and she pulled her fridge out into the main room. After about a week, she began stacking things on the fridge, and it was becoming an issue because it was taking up quite a bit of space in our main room. Now, if you really look at this situation it is kind of stupid and really not a big deal, but the problem was that anything with her was a big deal. Emilly (other roommate) and I decided to sit down and talk to her in hopes that she might just hear us out and move the fridge back into her room. Unfortunately, this is not what happened. Once again, Roommate #1 had a breakdown and expressed how attacked she was feeling in her own room. She also continued on to say how we were “bullying her” by not including her when we went out. So again, we went from talking about a fridge, to the issue being blown way out of proportion.  A couple days later my RA sat Emilly and I down to express that there had been concerns on our floor relating to the way that Emilly and I were treating Roommate #1. She had basically convinced about half of our floor that she was being harassed by us, and one of the residents on our floor was so concerned that she went to our RA about it. This was absolutely humiliating to both Emilly and I. Of course, when Emilly and I tried to sit down and talk to Roommate #1 about the “harassment issues” she cried and refused to talk to us. After talking to several different people on our floor, I found that Roommate #1 had told all them similar stories, and these stories included everything but the actual truth. The girl ended up moving out at the end of that semester to a room a couple doors down from us. I completely avoided her the second semester, and I haven’t seen her once since the end of last year.” – Kelsey Ray, Big Rapids junior.


“One time I went away for a night, and when I came back there was a dried up loogy in the sink and an un-flushed turd in the toilet. Don’t even get me started on the time they left a bunch of nail clippings in the sink.” –Anonymous, Livonia sophomore.


“So at first everything seemed fine, but after a little while I started to notice some things that only got worse. For one, Horrible Roommate would wake up at 3:30 am every night on the dot. I don’t know how, and he would get up, put all his clothes on and start opening and closing his draws for like ten mins straight for no particular reason. He also would get agitated easily and would “lose” his keys a lot for them to only be found in a obvious spot like his desk drawer or something. When he would do this he would start chucking things such as pillows and his phone around the room. Thankfully he never broke anything. Also, he would get in these states where he would become completely unresponsive and would start talking to himself but with his mouth closed, and he would do it really loudly and would not stop no matter what I did. He was honestly just creepy in general.”  – Anonymous, DeWitt freshman.