Souvenirs from Spring Break 2018

Everywhere we go, we’re bound to leave a part of us behind. But what do we take with us? Some Central Michigan University students are sharing what they brought back with them from their spring break trips.

Hazami Mio, junior, from Osaka, Japan

During her spring break, Mio visited Los Angeles, Hollywood and the Grand Canyon. While she was there she bought two post cards, from Hollywood and the Grand Canyon.

Stephanie Lingo, sophomore, East Lansing 

For her spring break, Stephanie went to New Orleans for her mom and brought back a necklace that containing an herb and a sweatshirt.

Staphanie Wearing her Vervain Necklace.


Staphanie Wearing her New Orleans Sweat Shirt

Eunbi Lee, sophomore from Pohang, South Korea

For her spring break, Eunbi visited New York City. She kept her plain ticket as a souvenir.

Luis Cantu, junior from Chicago, Illinois

For his spring break, Luis went back to Chicago. While he was there he brought back a shot glass that reminded him of his town.

Louis with his shot glass.