Student Style Spotlight: Simplistic Grunge with Gabriella Ammiano

Central Michigan University’s campus serves as a runway for the everyday fashionista. Forget magazines and paparazzi shots – the real style icons can be spotted walking to class.

Sophomore Gabriella Ammiano sat down with Grand Central to share her favorites in fashion.

Ammiano classifies her daily apparel as “street style” with a wardrobe composed of simple pieces with added grunge elements.

A Change of Pace

Hailing from Allen Park, Mich., Ammiano told us that her style has changed drastically since coming to CMU.

“In high school I used to wear a bunch of bright colors and sparkles,” Ammiano said.

After a much needed wardrobe purge, Ammiano discovered her true style. A collection once full of patterns and colors has been toned down to a narrow range of neutrals and basics.


Black on Black (on Black)

Color is no longer something Ammiano gravitates towards while getting dressed.

“I really don’t like color. It’s either gray, beige or black.”

She said she feels most comfortable in neutrals and that’s made the getting ready process much easier, too.

Ammiano tries not to fall victim to wearing the same pieces time and time again. When she is lacking creativity with her outfits, her go-to is throwing on all black.

“Even when I don’t know what to wear, I still try to mix it up. But black is always a consistent thing for me,” Ammiano said.

Another element of black within her style is her body ink. Tattoos act as a permanent accessory for any look. Ammiano has received five tattoos during her time in college.

“My tattoos are very my style, because they don’t have color and they’re all very simple. That’s just how I am when it comes to my look.”

She shared with us that her tattoos have influenced her style slightly, by serving as a touch of grunge for every look.


Remaining Stylish Despite the Elements

Michigan winters can be a difficult time for fashion lovers. Ammiano expressed that she is never truly satisfied with the clothes she has to wear in subzero temperatures, especially when going out at night.

“At night you’re conflicted – ‘Do I look hot or do I stay warm?’” Ammiano said.

Owning a variety of neutrals make layering easy in the cold months.

The elements also influence Ammiano’s cosmetic choices. The cold air and abrasive wind not only produce dry skin, but also cause makeup to fade.

Ammiano said she combats this by keeping it simple and using a hydrating BB cream rather than a foundation. To her, bronzer is a must in the winter months because it provides that summer glow we all crave.

Drawing Inspiration From Decades Past

After high school, Ammiano went from applying a full face of makeup every day to keeping it minimalistic.

“Most days I just put mascara on my eyes. I never do top eyeliner anymore. I guess you could say I’m into ’90s-style makeup.”

You can find her rocking light and neutral eyes and a dark matte lip. Ammiano makes her lips a focal point, but does not veer from her preferred color palette, utilizing mainly nudes and browns.

Ammiano said she draws inspiration from Jennifer Aniston’s timeless and natural beauty. She has also recently come to love Khloé Kardashian, who has gone through a style transformation herself. Ammiano can identify with her change in style.

Embracing the Change

Ammiano loves leather jackets and denim, but still rocks dresses and heels. Her style is held together by neutral colors, simple cuts and minimalist designs.

“Ever since I came to school is when this whole ‘I don’t care’ look started. But I still look good,” concluded Ammiano.

We have to agree.

 (Photo | Hailey Polidori)

Photos by Hailey Polidori