Student Style Spotlight: Young, Wild and Free-Spirited with Taylor Olson

Central Michigan University’s campus serves as a runway for the everyday fashionista. Forget magazines and paparazzi shots – the real style icons can be spotted walking to class.

Grand Central caught up with Taylor Olson in the Health Professions Building, where she attends most of her classes. Olson is double majoring in therapeutic recreation and psychology.

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Eclectic Eye 

Olson’s daily style is laid back and she always appears effortlessly fashionable.

“I usually never wear bras. I hate pants – they’re a hassle. I don’t like doing my hair. I usually just throw it up,” Olson said.

Hailing from Traverse City, Olson finds style inspiration from the local downtown shopping scene. She has the most luck at shops in the old State Hospital, which sell unique handmade pieces.

Accessories are the perfect way to spice up a simple outfit, and Olson does not limit herself when it comes to jewelry. She will always be spotted with multiple rings on her fingers. Olson owns over 30 rings, her favorite being ones made of sterling silver with turquoise accents.

However, she strays away from gaudy statement necklaces. Many of her pieces are made of Petoskey stones, symbolic of her hometown.

Her Native American heritage and Sisseton Wahpeton tribe is beautifully represented by her personal style and various tattoos.

Olson drew a design for her first tattoo and had it finalized at the age of sixteen, along with the rest of her family. The tattoo, located on her ribs, is three feathers to represent her three sisters and four beads accompany the feathers, each representing a different color from the medicine wheel. Red, yellow, black and white, each hold a special meaning to her tribe and family.

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Natural Beauty

Nowadays, Olson has no problem rolling out of bed and embracing her natural beauty by simply throwing on a hat and running out the door for class. She says she has had plenty of experience in the past testing out different hairstyles.

Her sophomore year of high school, Olson had nearly an entire head filled with dreads. Today, she still has a few dreads hidden under her hair accented with beads. She experimented with purple hair and even perms.

“I’ve always wanted curly hair, and since I’m native, I have pin straight hair. I don’t know what to do with it and my hair doesn’t stay curled, so I’ve had a bunch of perms,” Olson said.

After an awful burn from one of her perms, she gave the treatment up and never looked back.

Just like her style, Olson’s makeup routine is very simple.

On a day-to-day basis, Olson sticks with mascara to make her eyes look awake, a light BB cream and a touch of blush to add some color to her cheeks. She mainly uses mineral makeup, and says it is a great way to combat oily skin and keep her face fresh and natural.

During our interview with Olson, we noticed something unique about her nails. Rather than an intricate design or natural look, Olson puts one dot on each nail.

“People always ask me why I do (dots on my nails), and I don’t know. It’s simple,” Olson said.

This unique nail art will surely make people take a second look at her fingertips, if not for the tattooed rings.

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Free Spirit

In her free time, Olson can be spotted dancing or playing pool at some of the bars in downtown Mount Pleasant. The Gator, Blackstone and the Bird are a few of her local favorites.

Away from Mount Pleasant, Olson loves attending music festivals. Her passion for dancing is expressed in these environments. At Electric Forest, an EDM festival, her care-free spirit can be expressed without the restraints of pants or shoes.

“When in doubt I like to go barefoot anywhere. If I do not have to wear shoes I will not wear shoes. I run wild,” Olson said.

Olson left us with her favorite fashion tip:

Never leave the house without at least one ring or piece of jewelry. You have to have something for your outfit, even if it doesn’t match.

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