Students detail second half semester goals

Story by Krystal Black
Feature Photo via Unsplash

After finishing the first week of April classes, the end of the semester is quickly approaching. It is the homestretch to exams, and students across campus are using the rest of the month to save their GPAs and finish the academic year.

Freshman Lauren Hager said that with classes ending soon, her overall goal is to first finish the semester and second on a good note.

“Hopefully, I will make the Dean’s List this semester. I definitely need to work on my grades more if that is going to happen, though,” Hager said.

Junior Matti Hisey said that her overall goal for the end of the semester is to finish as strong as she has started but not just in her classes.

“Some goals that I have are to finish the semester working as hard as I started and to stay as involved around campus as I am,” Hisey said.

Achieving goals is easier said than done – especially at this point in the semester where everything is happening all at once. Both Hager and Hisey found ways in which they can change their current habits to help attain their goals in this last month.

“I have to take more time out of my days to study for exams and keep a more organized planner,” Hisey said.

Hager also commented on taking more time to study, yet found another way that she can improve her study habits.

“I need to focus more on studying and really retaining the information rather than just memorizing it if I want to make the Dean’s List,” Hager said.

Aside from school based goals there is always room for improvement in other aspects of students’ lives in the last month. This can include what students are involved in and how they spend their free time.

“I want to do more outside of my dorm and since it’s almost time to leave for the summer I would really like to enjoy the campus in hopefully some nice weather,” Hager said.

Hisey said she wants to spend more of her time studying for exams rather than wasting her study time.

“I also want to get more involved in my clubs by spending more of my time volunteering with them,” Hisey said.

Along with doing more of something to achieve a goal it is important to cut back in other areas of life. Both Hisey and Hager agree that wasting time is one thing they both want to do less of, and if they want to bring their grades up quickly then now is the time to do it.

“I definitely want to and need to procrastinate less or else my GPA has no chance of being raised,” Hager said.