Students Share Why Their Major is Right for Them

Photos and story by Cassie Wright  and Davaris Collier 

Trying to find a major that best suits you can be one of the most exciting, yet stressful, things a college student has to experience.

Some students come to college with their future all figured out, while others may have to dig deep to find their intended career path.

We asked Central Michigan University students why their major is right for them.

Plymouth, MI sophomore Kristen Bechtel

“I just think coming into college I didn’t really know, I had so many interests, but I thought business because my parents are in that field. I thought business is something that you can just like learn it and it can be a gateway to so many different things. You can do anything pretty much, so I thought that was a good choice,” Bechtel said.

Grand Blanc, MI senior Lois Reeves

“My major is music theatre. I think it’s right for me because when I first got to Central I had a completely different major focusing on all the wrong reasons, only focusing on money. Whereas when I started with musicals and doing music theatre, it was more about me and what was going to make me happy in the long run,” Reeves said.

Troy, MI sophomore Katie Prebelich

“Well, my whole life I knew that I wanted to do something in communication. I’ve always loved talking to people, and so I didn’t really even know what public relations was for a long time. Then I came in to do touring and someone was telling me about it, and it just seemed like the perfect fit. It kind of combined my strong suit of writing with my love of communicating with others. Also, it has that marketing/broadcasting aspect which I love. So, it combined all the things I love and am good at into one major, which is perfect,” Prebelich said.

Detroit, MI sophomore Micaela Kelly

“I am currently majoring in Physical Education and Sports. This major just seems right for me; I am an athlete who loves all sports, but I really plan on going far with basketball, and most of all I love children. One day, being able to pass my talents and knowledge down to a couple of kids would be great. It would mean a lot to me,” Kelly said.


Alpena, MI junior Caileyigh Nitchman

“I’m a musical theatre major. I started musical theatre because I always thought it was really interesting and I’ve always liked to sing, but I was always afraid to audition for stuff. As soon as I auditioned for something, I got into my first show and it was just kind of like set in stone. I knew singing and performing and doing stuff to spread positivity would cause people to love going to musicals and like shows and performances of any kind. So, I’ve always loved the reactions of people and the joy that people get from seeing any kind of performance,” Nitchman said.

West Bloomfield, MI junior Jayla Wesley

“Electrical Engineering is right for me because it challenges an in-depth series of mathematical and physics based skills. It takes hours of focus and dedication each week, but that’s the determination that drives me everyday,” Wesley said.