Sweater Weather: The Best Sweaters To Wear For Fall

Story and photos by Rachel Bednarz

Central Michigan University students love sweater weather. From cardigans to turtle necks, students can be found all over campus sporting their favorite colors and styles on a chilly fall day. Check out some of these pictures to get some inspiration for your next shopping spree.


Freshman Courtney Rosolowski owns “too many” sweaters, she said. Here, she poses in a yellow cardigan paired with a simple grey tank top. Cardigans make is easy to stay warm and cozy in cold weather. “I like this sweater because it goes with a lot of  my shirts,” Rosolowski said. A nice cardigan could be worn with a variety of shirts from your favorite tee to a solid colored tank top.


The 70’s are making a comeback with this look. This striped turtle neck has the perfect color scheme for fall and goes perfectly with some jeans and fashion boots. Pairing this look with your favorite vest makes it fall weather ready. Turtle necks like this one make for a great cheap find at your local thrift store. Styles like this can also be found in mainstream clothing stores like Forever 21.


A statement top is the perfect way to express yourself. Finding clothes that speak for you allows your personality to shine through all day long. Whether you chose a striped, polka dotted or statement sweater like this one, patterns express who you are. Finding a bold sweater like this could help you feel confident and ready to face your day. Rosolowski said she chose this top because females have to boost each other up. Staying stylish and standing up for what you believe in don’t always have to come hand in hand, but it’s great when they do.


Sophomore Clare Shanshie said she is a fan of this off-the-shoulder sweater because it is super comfortable and very versatile. This sweater can be styled multiple ways and works for any occasion from a business causal meeting, to a day in the library or just hanging out at home.


This look is perfect for studying or staying in bed all day. An over-sized sweater and some leggings make for a great lazy day outfit or can keep you cozy as you work through all that work you should’ve started sooner. Some sweaters are made to be over-sized or you can size up in any sweater for the added comfort.

Central Spirit

It’s always fun to show some school spirit! When it’s too cold to wear a simple t-shirt outside, stay warm with a CMU sweater. Rosolowski said that she loves this sweater specifically because it represents the school she attends. Being super soft and cozy is just an added benefit.


Sweaters aren’t just for people! Frankie, a service animal on campus, can also be found wearing his favorite sweater on a chilly day.