What’s In Your Purse: Students Share What They Have In Their Purses

Story by Janna Salimovic 

Every girl is different from what they wear, to their style and especially to what they keep in their purse. Aside from the regular wallet, keys and phone, every girl keeps a few extra things on them for any situation. Three Central Michigan University students share some of the things that they keep in their purses on the daily.

Photo courtesy of Hannah McAtee

Junior Hannah McAtee always carries her black, Kate Spade purse with her. Her necessities include a “Tide-to-go” stick and a note from her best friend. “I always keep a ‘Tide-to-go stick’ in my purse because I’m an extremely messy person and it has saved me so many times,” McAtee said. She keeps the note from her best friend with her to read whenever she’s having a bad day and needs a minute to herself. “My best friend Jackie has always been there for me, so it’s nice to keep a piece of her with me wherever I go,” McAtee said.

Photo courtesy of Kelsey Lorichon

Junior Kelsey Lorichon loves using her tan, Michael Kors purse. Some of the things she keeps with her is Ibuprofen and an extra earring. “I tend to get a lot of headaches so I always make sure I have Ibuprofen with me,” Lorichon said. She has a lot of piercings and loves wearing her earrings so she always keeps extra with her in case one falls out or gets lost. “They don’t normally fall out but I keep a cartilage earring with me just in case so it doesn’t close up.”

Photo courtesy of patagonia.com

Sophomore Rebecca Brown enjoys a different style for her purse. She uses a Patagonia bag and it’s been her “purse” for almost three years. She’s from Northern Mich. and almost every teenage girl in that area has the same exact bag. “Since I came to CMU, I haven’t seen any other girls with it which is really strange because in my hometown that bag is everywhere,” Brown said. Besides her wallet, phone and chapstick, some of Brown’s necessities include a personal safety device in case of emergencies as well a granola bar in case she gets hungry.