Style at CMU: The Influences and Meaning Behind Students’ Looks

Story by Grace Bolthouse
Photos by Anne Langan

   Style inspiration comes in many forms, especially with a blended community like Central Michigan University. We hit the streets to see what influences students, what style means to them and how they describe themselves.

My Own. Unique. Street Style.

“I choose what I wear, I’m really not influenced by anything. It’s what makes me, well me.”

Name: Bingo Yan  |  Age: 21  |  Hometown: China055a2086

Versatile. Mood Setter. Day by Day.

“Elie Saab, Rachel Zoe, Mary Kate & Ashley, and Rihanna [inpsire me]. Fashion is a way to let people know who you are. It’s my major and I’ve loved it my whole life. “

Name: Angela Yates |  Age: 22  |  Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI055a2100-2

Different. Creative. Expression.

“I think I’m influenced by whoever is around me. I love the style I see when I’m in Detroit. I thought before, well, I don’t care what I wear. But that’s BS. We all care about what we wear. It’s a conscious decision we make, no matter what it is. Every single day.”

Name: Billy Schaver  |  Age: 20  |  Hometown: Grosse Pointe, MI055a2120

Simple. Casual. Athletic.

 “I love Calvin Klein and my favorite color to wear, for sure, is maroon. I love to mix and match simple things. Style to me, is self expression.”

Name: Sydney Epple  |  Age: 20  |  Hometown: Mount Pleasant, MI055a2139

Work Ready. Sweater Inspired. Classic.

“I am influenced by professional attire for my job, which is this dapper, sweater style.”

Name: Jimmy Hollenbeck  |  Age: 22  |  Hometown: Wesleyan, MI