Styling Coats For Cold Weather

Story by Anna Konen

Photos courtesy of Pratiksha Boinapally and Sam Konen

This fall and winter season, outerwear and layers are more in than ever. These pieces, and pieces similar to them have been seen throughout the 2020 and 2021 season with old styles coming back to be shown and styled in new and exciting ways.

Camouflage is a pattern that will always fit fall; it can be worn in so many different ways, and the pattern can be incorporated to add a twist to many fall outfits. The warm green colors match with fall and winter shades like burgundy and tan.

Photo by Pratiksha Boinapally

In the photo above, the camo pattern is incorporated in a light-weight military style jacket to pull the all-black outfit together and elevate the look.

A lightweight jacket like this is a staple in all fall wardrobes no matter what the pattern, especially with the unpredictable Michigan weather being endured each year. It is important to have pieces like this in your closet.

Another staple in any winter closet is a dress coat. This can go with almost any look, and coats like these are very in style right now. A long coat can be used to dress up any outfit and can make you look incredibly professional.

Photo by Sam Konen

Seen above, a camel-colored wool coat can really be worn with anything from jeans and your Dr. Martens, to a business professional look; you really cannot go wrong here.

Outerwear is such an essential to our winter wardrobes, especially residing in a colder state, so why not make it fashionable? It can pull together any look and does a great job of showing off your fashion prowess.