Styling Dresses For Fall

Story by Caitlin Eddy

Photos courtesy of Jim Eddy

Dresses are something that people may not think to wear during the colder months; but, it can be done. It is always a helpful thing to be able to wear seasonal clothing out of season to get more use out of the clothes that are already owned.

One way to beat the chill is to wear a longer cardigan with a shorter dress. Add stockings to the look and wear cute booties. Adding a scarf is a great way to add in those warmer clothes with a summer dress. A fun pair of tights, like a mustard color or even black, works well too.

 Another way to style a dress for fall is by wearing thigh or knee-high boots. Boots are surprisingly warm, especially when leggings are worn with them. A pair of riding boots or black thigh-highs are great to wear with shorter skirt dresses, and booties are great for longer ones. Pair thigh-high boots with a shorter jacket to focus on the legs.


Faux fur is also a great way to spice up a dress. Vests tend to be the most versatile and they are actually pretty warm as well. Throw on a pair of cute earrings and a dark lip for a more glamorous look, or a hat and riding boots with a light lip color to be a little more casual.

For longer dresses, try wearing a sweater over the top part of the dress. This works better with shorter sweaters but can be done with longer ones too. To complete the outfit, try a piece of costume jewelry, or a big necklace with sneakers to make it fun. If sneakers don’t work with the dress, a comfy pair of flats works too.

Colors are another way to make non-seasonal clothing a little more festive. Darker purple, maroon, mustard yellow, darker blues and greens are great fall colors. Colors found in nature are a safe bet to be seasonally friendly.