Sweater Weather at CMU

Story & photos by Kylie Tharp

It’s starting to feel like fall in Mount Pleasant, so its time to bundle up and face the cooler temperatures. Many students love the fall here at CMU, and fall fashion is many student’s favorite fashion season.

Since we are getting into what some may call it, sweater weather, I talked with a few students about their favorite sweaters and why they love them.

Sophomore Faith Ford is studying Mechanical Engineering and wore this off-white sweater she borrowed from a friend. She likes the sweater because of the way it fits her body and how warm it can be on colder days. She also enjoys how she can dress up or dress down this sweater based on the environment.

Sophomore Noah King studying Clinical Exercise Science shared details about his favorite black sweater. He purchased this sweater from Aeropostale. He likes this sweater because it helps him stand out from others.

Sophomore Zoie is studying Fashion Merchandising and actually made her sweater herself.

These students all have different styles yet love sweaters. Just like all of these students, get out there and sport your favorite sweaters while staying warm for the fall season.