Swimsuits: A Very “Cheeky” Topic

Like most clothing trends, swimsuit styles change season to season. High waisted bottoms, halter neck tops and wrap tops are just a few of the newly emerged trends from women.

With spring break quickly approaching and summer closely following, it’s definitely time to bring light to a very “cheeky” topic – swimsuits.

Men vs. Women

Let’s begin by comparing women’s swimsuits to men’s. A pair of men’s board shorts found under Pacsun’s best seller’s category are priced at $50, which seems to be the average price for men’s trunks.

Now, looking at Pacsun’s best seller’s category in the women’s department, the average swimsuit is found at $39.50 – just for the swimsuit top. Not only do women have to purchase two separate articles of clothing, but the price of each piece is in some cases double the price of men’s board shorts.

It is understood that women like the option to mix and match swim tops with bottoms, however, the prices are very different, putting men’s average swim suit spending at $50, while women spend an average of $80 per suit.

When taken into consideration, the amount of material it takes to make each gender’s suit, matched with the price, is slightly disproportionate.

Levels of Coverage

There’s also an issue with the new trend in swimsuits – the itsy bitsy bottoms.

Slowly but surely, the “thong-like” swimsuit bottoms for women are hauling their way into our society.

This look can be found just about anywhere on Instagram by your favorite trendsetters. A popular face on Instagram, Alexis Ren, is a prime example of the new stringy norm. This beach bum is rocking the miniscule bottoms in a number of her popular posts.

Some love the petite, skin-baring style. Others dislike seeing people flaunt their caboose at the local pool.

Do What Makes You Feel Best

Either way, it’s the same as any other trend. Some stay, some go. Some love, others loathe. It’s all about personal preference and feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing as you soak up the sun. So, we say despite the differences do what makes you feel best.