The Feeling of Face Masks: Students Share Their Favorite Products

Story and feature photo by Alexis Thompson 

Does your skin ever feel oily, dry or clogged? Not only do face masks make your skin feel better and brighter on the outside, they also make you feel radiant and refreshed on the inside, too. Face masks are super important if you want to have fresh and healthy skin. They are a great use for relaxation, deep cleansing, glowing skin, exfoliation, unclogging pores, hydration and many others. There are hundreds of face masks out there for different types of skin— like sensitive skin, oily skin, irritated skin, uneven skin, dry skin, acne-prone and anti-aging. Face masks are the perfect skin care treatment because they are easy to apply and only take 10-20 minutes.

Photo courtesy of Jenna Reece.

Central Michigan University junior Jenna Reece uses her favorite face mask once or twice a week. Her “Younique Royalty” face mask is an oil control mask that helps skin look less oily and feel/look healthier. “It helps make my pores look smaller and diminishes the appearance of redness in my face,” Reece said.


Photo courtesy of Brandon Covert.

Junior Brandon Covert uses a face mask almost every morning and night to feel refreshed. His favorite face mask is the Formula Deep Down Detox “Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask” because it makes his face feel tightened and leaves his skin feeling silky and smooth, he said. “It’s always important to take care of your skin and ultimately, it’s your body, so it’s best to allow it to be healthy,” Covert said.

Photo courtesy of Janna Salimovic.

Junior Janna Salimovic loves the L’Oreal pure-clay mask, “clear and comfort”. “I love it because it helps keep my skin clear and feeling refreshed,” Salimovic said. She uses it three times a week unless feeling otherwise. Salimovic thinks it is important to care for your skin and keep it healthy.