Now Trending: Current Fashion Trends and International Education with Cecilia Alfaro

Story & Photos by Xavier Mendoza

From the Mitten state to Europe, Cecilia Alfaro aims big as she dreams of an international lifestyle in fashion.

The Central Michigan University junior is a fashion merchandise and design major with a design concentration and a visual merchandising minor.

Alfaro has been to Europe the last two summers and is planning to go back for a third time this summer for an eight-week internship for fashion design in London. The internship includes housing and orientations and spans from May until July.

“I hope to get a technical design internship, which is an internship focused on pattern making both digitally and flat patterning,” Alfaro said.

Cecilia next to a dress she made.

Cecilia’s Fashion Advice
According to Alfaro, the upcoming trends in pop culture consist of velvet clothing and androgynous, or gender neutral, styles, jean jackets with patches and bomber jackets.

“Fashion trends are starting to move away from the girly formal style to a more edgy/street wear look,” Alfaro said.

A fellow fashion major, junior, Cassie Wentela, shared some fashion knowledge as well.

“Fashion is definitely more edgy,” Wentela said. “Like how Coach is creating a fall line with edgy floral and how Gucci is putting embroidering in their work. It’s crazy, but I love it.”


Fashion Scenarios
We gave Alfaro a few scenarios and asked her what she would wear for them.

For an interview, she says stick to the basics.

“Women’s pantsuit, tailored blazer, slightly flared with lapel. People still wear pencil skirts, but the trend is moving to the gender neutral style. But, there are still feminine-styled pantsuits.”

If you’re headed out, she has a few styles she chooses.

“If it’s to a regular house party, I’m just going to wear leggings and flannel. But let’s say a Girl’s Night Out, I would wear thigh-high, over-the-knee black suede boots, black tights and a mock-neck short shift black dress.”

A first date tends to be a little more edgy for Alfaro.

“I would wear tan heeled boots, jeans with patches/cutoff seam down the center front that’s dark denim, and definitely bodysuits, which are big right now with a necklace to end it off.”

Whether Alfaro is in the Wightman lab on campus, or traveling around Europe, you can bet she’ll be rocking the latest trends.