The Myths About EDM Festivals

If you’ve never attended an Electronic Dance Music festival let us start off by saying the music culture as a whole is misrepresented.

There are many people who have been fed stereotypes and misconceptions about this revolutionary phenomenon. Many are also unaware that this is a movement happening around the world, igniting the lives of millions of festival goers.

With that being said, the music scene has been receiving not-so-good vibes from the media.

Same Sounds

The first misconception is that all EDM, or electronic dance music, sounds the same. If you’re someone who feels this way, you probably haven’t explored the different styles the genre has to offer.

EDM is an umbrella term to describe the dance music scene, but there are a surprising amount of sub-genres that stem off from this. Electronic festivals have a wide variety of sounds at different stages. Most music lineups will also include indie and jam bands or even rap artists.

There truly is something for everyone.

So, don’t let that mainstream Calvin Harris song you heard at a frat party represent the entirety of this vast array of music. If you give it a chance, you will be pleasantly surprised by the unique sounds produced by talented artists.

If you don’t know where to begin, here are some options that will lead you down different paths.

If you’re looking for something chill and soulful, Gramatik‘s sound has a mixture of hip hop, jazz and electro. For someone who likes an upbeat, electric sound, ODESZA is worth giving a listen to. Feeling adventurous? Martin Garrix will get the party going with his large range of house, trap and bass.

Illegal Activity

The second misconception is that drug use is the center of it all. This is by far the worst fallacy there is because it completely misrepresents and masks the true purpose of these festivals.

Drug consumption is a small element, but can’t you say the same if you were to attend a hip-hop or rock n’ roll concert? Drug culture and music culture go hand-in-hand for some people, and it has been this way for decades. But, it’s not true for all EDM lovers.

A Sense of Community

When it comes down to it, the majority of people who attend EDM festivals are there for the music, events and unforgettable experiences that come along with it.

Some festivals are even known for their community involvement. There are plenty of ways you can volunteer and become a part of the magic through different programs that the festival offers.

It is near impossible to feel anything but joy while being present at a festival. It is like a weekend vacation from reality. You’ll make new friends, form unforgettable memories, have new stories to tell and nothing else really matters but the music.