THREADS Designer Spotlight: Duo Jason Gagnon and Megan Webster

Design duo Jason Gagnon and Megan Webster hope to make an impact at this years THREADS Fashion Show with their risky, edgy and artistic chic collection.

With Threads 2012 just around the corner, design duo Jason Gagnon and Megan Webster eagerly put together their medieval-themed collection. Complete with all 8 looks, the duo hopes to make an impact with their risk taking, edgy pieces. Both designers seeking a minor in art take inspiration from paintings and drawings of medieval fashion.

Designers Jason Gagnon (left), who is also the producer of Threads, and Megan Webster (right) with model Jenna Jung (center). (Brooke Whitten | Photo Editor)

“We’re trying not to be too literal, but we are having a lot of fun with it,” said Gagnon humorously.

The duos personal style reflects more feminine and artsy-chic, however with a sharper edge the incorporation will make for the ultimate impression. Using warm, neutral colors they add a dramatic affect with eggplant purple, sapphire blue and golden yellow. Chains, medieval menswear, and royalty primarily inspire the looks for the show. Sharing the same aesthetic when it comes to woman’s wear, the duo wants to maintain the ‘pretty’ aspect, still with edge. Their love of lace stems to be one of their most prized looks in the collection — a lace jumpsuit. Calling it their “medieval lingerie,” it is sure to be one of the most unique pieces in the show. The ivory lace keeps in the essence of the period, but the risk adds a more fashion-forward approach.

Model Jenna Jung sports a coat made by designers Jason Gagnon and Megan Webster. This coat is one of 8 looks that will be featured in the Threads fashion show on April 14, 2012.(Brooke Whitten | Photo Editor)

“I hope people are really wow-ed by our collection and we think they will be,” Webster said.

Each share many similarities creating a very cohesive duo.

“It’s nice because I may have a lot of ideas, but she [Megan] has a way of grounding me.”

Gagnon, having done the show twice and after having a class with Webster, asked her to do a duo in Threads 2012.

“I watched what she had made, and noticed that it was very close to mine.  So I knew that we would compliment each other.”

Seaming their collection together, they reflect again on painting and drawings to fully capture the woman’s presence in the medieval period. From big, expressive hair to subtle makeup, Gagnon and Webster collectively create an enchanting collection that they hope to bring to life.

We anticipate Gagnon and Webster’s rich, edgy take on the Medieval era. The duo motivate us to engulf in an era full of richness and take away an inspiring connection to today’s fashion.