Threads Designer Spotlight: Holly Bazarewski

Story by Janna Salimovic, photos courtesy of Holly Bazarewski 

The Threads Fashion Show is held annually at Central Michigan University. Each designer works diligently throughout the school year to put together their designs.

Threads is a student-run fashion show that is held every spring at CMU. Designers can submit their own designs to be in the show, and student models are chosen to wear them down the runway.

Senior Holly Bazarewski is a proud designer for Threads. She is double majoring in fashion design and fashion merchandising with a minor in marketing. “I first started volunteering with the show my sophomore year to get a feel of how the show runs,” Bazarewski said. “My junior year, I submitted a collection that got accepted and I got to make my runway debut.”

Photo Courtesy of Holly Bazarewski

Bazarewski has been interested in fashion design since she was little. “It wasn’t until I went to my first wedding in elementary school when I really became intrigued with weddings and bridal fashion,” Bazarewski said. She appreciates the details and delicacy that goes into the creation of bridal attire.

In high school, Bazarewski took fashion design and merchandising classes. She said this is what exposed her to construction of clothing and the business side of the fashion industry. “I learned to sew in my fashion design class my junior year of high school,” Bazarewski said.

Photo Courtesy of Holly Bazarewski

Bazarewski’s favorite part of Threads is seeing the end product of each designer’s work. Throughout the year, the designers hang out and work on their designs together. “Seeing all the pieces altogether the day of the show with models really completes the image that you hear the other designers explain all year long,” Bazarewski said.

Photo Courtesy of Holly Bazarewski

Bazarewski’s dream job is to own a bridal boutique in a popular city where she can make and sell her own wedding dresses.

Threads Fashion Show debuts in April 2019 where Bazarewski’s work will be shown off for CMU to see.