Trick For Cheap

Want to enjoy Halloween without smashing your wallet like a pumpkin? Get creative! Erin Lucido tells you how to make your own costumes.

Let’s be honest, Halloween is one of the best holidays, primarily because of the creative costumes that people disguise themselves in. Yet, in these economic times no one wants to spend $60 on looking like the sexy version of “Little Miss Riding Hood” or everyone’s “Dark Knight Batman.”

Halloween is all about who has the most lavish costume. What is the solution to putting together an exquisitely unique yet cheap costume? It’s simple! Just take a trip back to kindergarten and think arts and crafts. Put away your credit cards and grab a pair of scissors; you’d be surprised what comes from a little bit of creativity and some handy work.

“It was fun to get all dressed up and make my own costume,” 22-year-old Senior Tonya Simon said. “When I made my referee costume I used a pink tank top that I purchased from Wal-Mart for like $2 and bought some guerilla tape. I had the shirt hanging up on the hanger, and you had to be very careful and you placed the gorilla tape on the shirt.”

Creating a Halloween costume shouldn’t consume all of your time and money. First step to creating a costume is to research what you want online or in books. Sometimes the best costumes are right under your nose.
When asking senior Brain Sterner what he was for Halloween his response resided in three words—and the costume didn’t cost him a dime.

“Bush Light Knight!” 21-year-old Sterner said. “Cheap and easy.”

Taking a spin on Sterner’s costume, you could also use any type of pop can boxes taped together, and wear them as a knight shield. Call yourself the Mountain Dew Knight or the Pepsi Knight!

Your perfect pirate suit, an 80’s outfit, or that Full House’s “Joey” look all reside in your friends’, parents’ or your very own closet. For all you ladies out there, being that sexy “Sydney Bistro” from Alias is as easy as one, two, three. Find a pair of leggings or tights and pair it with a black skirt or dress from your own closet or your mom’s.

Something for all those risky guys out there, I would suggest spending absolutely nothing and wearing just a button up shirt, a pair of boxers and white socks. That is, if you can handle looking like Tom Cruise in Risky Business for one night.
Here are a couple of extra ideas for the craftier side that hides in each one of us:

1.    An iPod: Buy a piece of foam board from any dollar store and use a permanent marker to create the screen and controls. Use shoelaces or ribbon and wear the iPod like a sign around your neck.

2.    Bumblebee: You will need a black t-shirt and yellow ribbon. You can either glue the ribbon on the shirt or tape it down. Start from the back of the shirt and go to the front, so it looks like the shirt has yellow stripes on it. Use a skirt or a pair of dark jeans with the outfit. Take a headband and use pipe cleaners to create antennas. As for the wings, you can take white printer paper and use a black pen to create the detail. Then tape them onto the back of your shirt.

3.    Beauty Pageant Winner: You can wear any type of fancy dress or suit that you have in your closet and take some pieces of paper to create a white sash. Then, put your own unique name on it such as: “Mr. Smarty Pants” or “Miss Party Universe.”

Halloween is about making memories, dressing up and having fun without having to break the bank. Stop wasting your money at costume stores and create a unique costume that you can rock the night out in!

To find more inventive homemade costumes check out these websites:
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