What are you wearing this Halloween?

Story and photos by Silas Letter

Halloween is the time of year where people dress up in elaborate, decorative, spooky costumes, and pretend to be something they are not, or better yet, someone they wish they were.

While many college students have grown beyond their trick or treating days, Halloween can still be a time to dress up and have fun with friends and family.

Hailey Godbold and Camilla DeBernardi sitting together at the Bovee University Center.

Juniors Camilla DeBernardi and Hailey Godbold both plan on dressing up this year. DeBernardi as half of an old couple and Godbold as a tiger. DeBernardi said that she is the RA for her dorm hall and that she plans to dress up as part of her hall’s Halloween celebration. Godbold does not know for sure what she plans to do yet this Halloween, but she expects to celebrate the holiday with her friends.

Senior Karisa Rascoe has already had a Halloween party with a few of her friends where she dressed up as a hippie.

Nate Guentert sits at the RFOC posing for a picture.

Sophomore Nate Guentert is going out of town for his Halloween festivities, and he plans to dress like a construction worker.

“I am going to MSU for a frat party, and then coming back here. Probably going to Wayside or something,” Guentert said.

There are still some people who do not plan on dressing up at all this Halloween. Freshman Samuel St. John said that he is not planning on doing anything for Halloween. Sophomore Meredith Ablao says that she does not plan on dressing up, but might do something to celebrate Halloween.