What “Frozen” Taught Me

We’ve heard the reasons why Disney princesses are not good role models for young girls (which I completely disagree with, but that’s a different story). Fox News recently said “Frozen” teaches young girls that boys are stupid and we should watch out for their feelings as well.

After years of having movies where the prince saves the damsel in distress, we finally have an empowering movie about women not needing a man. While I understand where the reporters are coming from, I did not get the idea that boys were stupid while watching the movie. Below is what I actually learned while watching “Frozen.”

1. You don’t need a man to save you.

This is pretty straightforward and something I think everyone picked up from the movie. When Ana tries to save Elsa from Hans, it shows how important a sister bond is (or a sibling bond for anyone who doesn’t have sisters, like me). Even though Kristoff was running to help Ana, she turned away from him to save her sister. Her love for her family is something we should all strive for.

2. Don’t fall for love at first sight.

I think everyone was shocked, maybe even heartbroken, when Hans revealed the villain he really is. Ana fell for him pretty fast, just to realize that he wasn’t the man of her dreams. This reminds us that love is special, and we should be cautious of who we share those feelings with.

3. Accept others for who they are.

This is something that is portrayed in every Disney movie, but really, how many of us would be interested in a guy who is obsessed with ice? And on top of that, who would date someone who considers their family to be a bunch of trolls? Go Ana for accepting Kristoff with all his quirks!

4. Befriend the oddball.

We all love Olaf, but there is no denying he’s a little odd. He ends up being a great friend and looking out for Ana. He also likes warm hugs, which is nice when you’re having a rough day.

5. Sometimes you have to let it go.

Keeping secrets bottled up is never good. The longer you keep something from others, the more it builds up inside you. Before you know it, you’ve upset the entire town and have run away to live an ice palace. Maybe not quite that dramatic, but you get the point. When we don’t address these problems, they can get worse. That problem you had last week with your roommate that you’re both avoiding – just talk about it. You’ll feel better once you do.

Fox News may think that “Frozen” is teaching people the wrong lesson about boys, when it really teaches great lessons about family, love and friendships. It taught boys to be nice and reminded girls some guys are really after that one thing…

…to get married and become king, obviously.