What to wear for the holidays

Lights on the tree are twinkling, holiday music is playing in the background, and you’re wearing the perfect outfit just for the occasion.

The holidays are a time for enjoying family and friends you’ve barely seen since the summer. There are usually a handful of parties that all require a different cute and unique outfit to display your style.

For the cold month of December, faux fur is the perfect chic and luxe touch for any outing. Pair a fur vest with leggings and knee high boots for a more comfortable night. Add a fur jacket to a sweater dress, dark tights and booties for a more high-end feel. If you’re not ready to jump fully into this unique style, a fur clutch can be the perfect touch to try it out.

Kaitlyn Millard (right) models her faux fur vest outfit that she plans to wear to her family Christmas party. (Photo | Shannon Millard)
Kaitlyn Millard (right) models her faux fur vest outfit she plans to wear to her family Christmas party. (Photo | Shannon Millard)

If you’re looking for a more cozy outfit, opt for sweater tights. Instead of next-to-nothing sheer nylons, sweater tights offer a bit more material to keep your legs warm, but still rock shorter pieces over them. Add a pair of shorts, an over-sized sweater, and chunky scarf for a stylish but warm outfit for a gathering with close friends. You can also try the tights with a sweater dress, combat boots, and leg warmers for a dressier occasion.

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Plaid is perfect for the holiday season with its rich colors and fun pattern. For all of the great game nights during the holidays, pair a plaid flannel with dark jeans, an infinity scarf and riding boots. For the special occasions, go with a knee-length plaid pencil skirt with tights, a dark flow-y top, and big gold jewelry.

(Photo Illustration | Shannon Millard)

To ring in the new year, dressing bold is the way to go. This is the one night of the year you can go a little over-the-top and no one will say otherwise, so go with sparkles, rhinestones or anything that glitters. For a more toned-down look, try black liquid leggings, a black peplum shirt, bright pumps with daring sparkly jewelry and a glittered clutch. If you really want to stand out, go for a long sleeve completely sequined dress with black tights and booties.

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Although a great holiday outfit is key to your confidence, remember to enjoy all of the family and friends you don’t normally get to see. Before you know it, you’ll be away from them at school again, dreaming about the next holiday season.