What We Are Wearing Spring 2023

Photos by Lexi Kuhl

Style and Beauty Editor Maddi Hill

My favorite outfit to wear in the spring is a skirt paired with a comfortable knit sweater. I like to layer my sweaters with a vest or fun jacket. Layering helps elevate your look and adds character to your outfits. If I’m wearing a short skirt, I always add a pair of black tights. Adding tights also helps elevate your look. My go-to shoes year-round are my platform Dr. Martens boots. For my spring jewelry, I prefer to pair chunky gold earrings with a simple necklace. Combining these pieces makes an adorable and comfortable spring outfit.

Public Relation Chair Lexi Kuhl

Everyone has their own unique fashion sense that expresses their personality. My outfit is cohesive with my fun and edgy sense of style. I enjoy mixing dark colors with bright and neon colors to make parts of my outfit stand out. Although I often wear black, I think it’s fun to show some variety by wearing bright colors during spring. Mom jeans and sleek sneakers are staples in my wardrobe. High-top Vans or white Nike Air Force 1s are my go-to shoes. This outfit represents a cute and functional transition from winter to spring. 

Editor-in-chief Becky Particka

Comfort is my number one thing. As a photographer, I’m constantly on the move. Having clothes that are easy to move in is incredibly important. I love my thrift-ed black pants because of how airy and flowy they are. Dressing for the weather is equally important to comfort. My sweater is a great color for the season. It is great to have for the cooler beginning of spring days. Doc Martin’s are my go-to shoes. They’re a stylist water-resistant option.

Photographer Jenna Spanola

With my outfit, I love flowy and bright. I am wearing a puffy white shirt from Dry goods, pants from Khols, and Doc Martin black boots. I like to feel free and wear breathable clothes during the spring. It is not hot enough yet to wear short-sleeved clothes, but it is nice to wear loose, long items. I feel my most confident in clothes that are freeing but also tight forming.