Program Board Spring 2023 Concert

By Lexi Kuhl

Central Michigan University Program Board hosted its annual Spring Concert featuring B.o.B. and Sage the Gemini. Student DJ Nate Bebar kicked off the concert in Finch Field House on CMU’s campus on March 24, 2023. 

Sage the Gemini performing at the Spring Concert.

“We have a really unique opportunity to host events like this on campus,” said Program Board President Maezie Ervin.

Sage the Gemini and B.o.B. were chosen as artists for their throw-back songs that students may have grown up listening to. “This was a unique opportunity because neither of these artists really tour anymore,” said Ervin. 

B.o.B. performing at the Spring Concert.

“We came out tonight to have a good time,” said three event attendees. “We go to the Spring Concert every year.” 

The tickets for the event were $15. Green explained that the Program Board meticulously manages its budget to make its events affordable. Most of its events are free for students. 

“We try not to price our events out of a student’s price range,” said Green.

“We have faced a lot of challenges” says Concert Director Miranda Green about planning the concert. She explained difficulties the Program Board experienced with finding good artists, staging and lighting the event, and choosing a date. “These are typical challenges people face when planning an event.”

Green learned communication and patience from planning the Spring Concert. Ervin learned through finding a middle-ground between an artist that students would like and one who would be cost-effective.