What’s In Your Closet? Two Students Let Us Inside Their Dorm Room

Video by Alexis Thompson and Hailee Kaske

Grand Central Magazine got a behind the scenes look into the closets of two college fashionistas. Freshmen Alex Cooper and Maddy Goss showed us their favorite pieces and how they achieve their unique looks. From Instagram inspiration to thrift shopping, these girls know how to fill their closets with amazing style.

“My style definitely reflects my personality and my laid-back attitude.”

-Maddy Goss

As roommates and best friends, Alex and Maddy learned that they have similar styles and often tend to share clothes. They said thats shopping together, picking out each other’s outfits, and going to yoga together are just a few things they love to do in their spare time.

“My interest in the 90s is what inspires my style because of its simplicity and hip-hop vibe.”

-Alex Cooper