Wine Wednesday: Giuliana Rancic’s new signature wine

With so many different wines on the market, how is one to decide which to drink on Wednesday night?

Well, look no further. From its shatter-proof packaging to single glass servings, a new product has captured the hearts of wine lovers across the globe.

“E! News” host Giuliana Rancic has come out with her own signature brand of wine, Xo, G. This brand is unique in the way that the four single shatter-proof cups make up one typical bottle of wine.

This can come in handy especially on nights out with the girls, hosting dinner parties and of course – wine Wednesdays.

Xo, G is useful for when you want to come home and unwind with a single glass of wine. This way you don’t have to worry about wasting an entire bottle, or trying to keep it fresh once you’ve opened it. It’s perfect for a girl or guy on-the-go, or when one glass is just enough.

Xo, G is perfectly portable, delicious and freshly made. This lightweight bottle makes it easy to throw in your purse when you’re on your way out for the night. What more could you want?

The best part? It’s very easy to open – which helps avoid the fuss of corkscrews and stemware. Rancic has incorporated a variety of wines in her new brand, including a French Rosé, a Pinot Noir from the south of France and a Pinot Grigio from Italy.

This wine is available in Walmart stores across the nation and is roughly $10 a bottle, so next time you’re on a mission to try something new, give Xo, G a try.