Wine Wednesday: What your favorite wine says about you

Wine comes in many varieties: merlot, riesling, pinot noir, Champagne, dessert – this list is endless. With different wine, comes different people. What does your favorite wine say about your personality? See the personality types matched with wine here, based on Myers-Briggs.

Although, as long as you’re drinking wine, there is already something right about you.


You are outgoing, friendly and accepting. You’ll most likely be seen at a house party mingling with a new group of people. You are spontaneous and you adapt to situations fast. Going to work is fun for you – otherwise you wouldn’t do it.

Cabernet Sauvignon

You are driven, independent and you have the ability to make things happen. When you get motivated, you can complete complex tasks in no time. You spend long hours at work rather than hitting the bar – your career comes first. You are always up for a challenge and you hold yourself to a high standard. Your circle of friends is small, because most people annoy you.


You are the responsible one. You are the “mom” of the group when you and your friends hit the bar on a Friday night. You pay close attention to everyone’s needs, emotions and motives. You are a leader in group situations.

Pinot Noir

Almost everything bores you. However, when something catches your interest, you quickly seek out more information. Your idea of a solid night “out” is staying in, or heading to the library for a night of studying. You love abstract ideas more than you like socializing with others. You’re quiet, skeptical and a genius when it comes to solving problems.


You are hip and quite the fashionista. You have many styles and tastes, just like Chardonnay. Most friends flock to you for advice when trying to get dressed for a first date or a night out on the town.


Heading to brunch and ordering a glass of Rosé is the norm for you – even though you try to hide it. You’re always down for a good time and you enjoy the little things in life. Flat tire? No problem – you have a bottle of Rosé.


You are down to celebrate, whatever the occasion might be. To you, every day is a celebration. You are a positive thinker with a relaxed attitude. You want to have as much fun as possible, no matter the cost.


You’re new to drinking wine, or perhaps drinking in general. You have a bubbly personality and are eager to learn and travel the world. Ambition is your middle name.