Yogurt Yeti earns 5 of 5 stars for modern take on classic treat

One of the most popular trends sweeping the nation over the past few years has been the uprising of frozen yogurt shops. Recently, Mount Pleasant joined the trend with a shop of its own – Yogurt Yeti.

Set up similarly to any other frozen yogurt shop, Yogurt Yeti allows its customers to pick as much or as little of their yogurt flavor. After an intense internal debate, I decided on the cake batter flavored frozen yogurt, and it proved to be an excellent choice.

The next step in the process is to top your frozen treat. Yogurt Yeti offers a wide array of toppings, from crushed candy bars to fresh fruit, and of course the classics like hot fudge and sprinkles.

After you’re finished compiling your dessert, you place it on a scale and are charged per ounce according to the weight of your creation. The final step in this process is to enjoy your frozen yogurt.

The environment at Yogurt Yeti definitely caters to the relaxed feeling one would wish to experience while indulging in sweets. The shop effortlessly provides a modern setup and feel.

With the amount of flavors and toppings, there is sure to be something for everyone. But the question of quality is what separates frozen yogurt shops from one another.

Yogurt Yeti does not lag in the quality department. The strawberries tasted much fresher than I expected, and both the consistency and flavor of the yogurt was on point.

Overall, Yogurt Yeti is one of the best frozen yogurt shops that I have ever been to, and Mount Pleasant should be very happy to host this establishment.

I give Yogurt Yeti 5 out of 5 stars.