How To: Wear your favorite summer pieces throughout fall

As we near the middle of October, you’re doing one of two things: You’re either furiously pinning away on your “all things fall” board on Pinterest or you’re mourning the loss of summer weather and beach days. Whichever one it is, we all know the pain of going from 80 degree-days to 40 degree-days, and our wallets can’t afford a brand new wardrobe.

So, how are you supposed to stay looking cute, trendy and warm? Grand Central knows your pain, and we’ve got you covered. Try using these tips to transition your favorite summer pieces all the way through fall.

The High-Waisted Short

The high-waisted short trend this year is huge, especially in the form of distressed light wash Levi’s. Don’t kiss this trend goodbye quite yet, though. Grab your favorite pair, a comfy loose fitting cardigan or sweater and some tights. Tuck the sweater in or out to your liking, and add some fall booties. Hint: Combats look great with this outfit.

The Tank Top

Whether it be spaghetti strap, racer back, muscle tee or a 90’s-esque halter, days in the sun aren’t quite over yet. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but cardigans are a close second. A pastel summer top can look fall chic with a comfy cardigan, some dark wash jeans and riding boots.

The Sun Dress

A sun dress is breezy, light and probably flower printed. Dresses always make it look like you tried harder than you did, so don’t overlook this staple. Take that slouchy cardigan and belt it over the dress, add in some colored tights and a blanket scarf and you’ll be warm and cute.

The Not-Quite-a-Dress or a Shirt

Summer weather brings on dresses a little shorter than normal. (who wants a knee-length dress when it’s 90 degrees?) But with cooler weather upon us, don’t toss that little number just yet. Dark wash skinny jeans look effortlessly “fall” when paired with cute flats. Add in your dress – and yes, probably a cardigan – and you’ve got a tunic-inspired outfit.